IGC India online event: Women in the economy

Past Event

In India women’s labour force participation stands at 20.79%, who are mostly engaged in the informal sector. A report by The Economists stated that only 7% of women in urban India have paid jobs. Existing barriers and challenges are inter-twined across work and household responsibilities and ranges across various factors such as the burden of unpaid care work, lack of job security in the informal work spaces, poor working conditions and limited social and economic upgrading along the value chain. Further, as per the Global Gender Gap Index (GGGI) 2020, India ranked 112th out of 153 countries on its performance on gender equality. During the pandemic with school shutdowns and with nearly two-thirds of India’s working women losing their jobs in April 2020, this further exacerbates the existing gender gap. To discuss the contemporary issues around Women in the Economy, Women Development Corporation, Government of Bihar, International Growth Centre (IGC), and Asian Development Research Institute (ADRI) host a webinar on 12th March 2021 at 3:00 PM (IST).