IGC India Research Conference: Evidence for state effectiveness on Bihar

Past Event Inclusive Growth and COVID-19

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An effective state with strong and inclusive institutions is a fundamental requirement for sustaining economic growth. The quality of governance and public service delivery can affect economic growth due to its impact on human capital, widening poverty, increasing inequality and corruption. It is agreed that there is a governance deficit in India and Bihar and while there has been progress in the delivery of public services, it is unsatisfactory when compared with other countries/ states at similar levels of development. The existing socio-economic disparities have forced the poor to suffer to a greater degree due to weak public service delivery than those who can access these services from the market.

Understanding why states are less effective is a critical first step but finding solutions to strengthen state capabilities is also essential to generate higher rates of inclusive growth. Apart from these, the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis has affected lives across the world and caused a massive economic and health shock. To help policy stakeholders understand the severity of the crisis, IGC India research is focused on gathering new evidence around the state capacity and women in the workforce. To stimulate thoughts on this important issue within the context of India, International Growth Centre and Asian Development Research Institute are co-hosting a webinar on State Effectiveness.

Date: Friday, 28 May, 2021

Time: 14:00 IST or 09:30 BST

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