IGC-ISI Summer School in Development Economics

Past Event Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi From 9 Jul 2016 to 13 Jul 2016 Inclusive Growth

The International Growth Centre along with the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) in New Delhi organised the 4th IGC-ISI Summer School in Development Economics from 9-13 July 2016. The workshop was held at the Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi. The workshop was intended for current PhD students and students with recent PhDs. Participants were enrolled in one of two tracks: macro or micro. Each track consisted of lectures on current research frontiers of the respective subjects, with an emphasis on quantitative methods relevant to contemporary policy issues in India. Participants had an opportunity to meet lecturers in allocated office hours to discuss their research with lecturers.


First three days of the Summer School had common sessions for both Micro and Macro track. The common sessions were used to cover topics including (a) Micro-econometric methodology for research using secondary household survey data (b) Micro-econometric methodology for research using secondary firm data and (c) Introduction to Macro-Economic Methodology for research and introduction to macro models.

The last two days had specialised Micro and Macro sessions. The specialised micro sessions covered topics such as (a) Implementing a Randomized Control Trial and (b) Advances in Empirical Political Economy and Governance issues, while the specialised macro sessions covered (a) Overview of Real Business Cycle Models and Methods and (b) Emerging Market Economies Business Cycles.