IGC public lecture - How change happens

Past Event Hong Kong Theatre, LSE 1 Nov 2016 Inclusive Growth

The IGC and the LSE Department of International Development hosted a public discussion on 1st November featuring Duncan Green, Senior Strategic Adviser at Oxfam GB and author of the well-known blog “From Poverty to Power: how active citizens and effective states can change the world”.

He presented his new book “How change happens”, focused on how change happens in political systems, power, and institution as well as the role of individuals and organisations in influencing that change.

He also discussed the challenges that 'systems thinking' creates for traditional aid practices, and how a 'power and systems approach' requires activists, whether in campaigns, companies or governments, to fundamentally rethink the way they understand the world and try to influence it.

Naila Kabeer, Professor of Gender and Development at LSE, was the discussant while Hugh Cole, IGC Country Programme Director, chaired the discussion.


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