IGC at the World Bank Land and Poverty Conference 2018

Past Event World Bank, Washington, DC From to Cities and Cities that Work

IGC’s Cities that Work initiative is partnering with the World Bank on their annual Land and Poverty Conference.

  • Cities that Work Council Chair Professor Ed Glaeser gives the keynote speech on the 19th March from 4:30 – 6pm (EST), on cities and the crucial role of land use and property rights in urban development.
  • On the 22nd March, Cities that Work Council member Professor Paul Collier gives a closing speech on reconciling tensions between private rights and public land acquisition in cities.

Cities that Work is also organising three policy panels on land rights, land use planning, and land and property taxation in cities, where policymakers and practitioners discuss evidence for policymaking in these areas from research and from country experience. Speakers for these panels include:

  • Emmanuel Nkrunziza, Director General of Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development, and former Director General and Registrar of Land Titles in Rwanda, presenting on Rwanda’s land tenure regularization
  • Sebastian Galliani, Secretary of Economic Policy, Ministry of Treasury, Argentina, presenting on research and policy experience in land rights and regularization
  • Bilal Siddiqi, Economist at the World Bank, presenting on IGC research on the impact of the BRT in Dar es Salaam
  • Craig Kesson, Executive Director, City of Cape Town, presenting on transit-orientated development in the Cape Town
  • Astrid Haas, Cities that Work Manager, presenting on vacant land taxation in Kampala
  • Michael Blake, Cities Economist at the IGC, presenting on land and property taxes in developing cities
  • Priya Manwaring, Cities Economist at the IGC, presenting on institutions and incentives for effective tax collection

You can find out more about the conference here.