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Call for papers: LSE Environment Week 2023

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LSE Environment Week: 11-15 September, 2023

The Economics of Environment and Energy Programme (EEE), International Growth Centre (IGC), and Programme on Innovation and Diffusion (POID) within the LSE Economics Department is convening the second Environment Week at LSE on 11-15 September 2023. Working with partners at the School and across the world we want to use Environment Week to encourage economists from all fields of economics to work on environmental issues and to connect this work to policy change.

The urgency of addressing climate change, pollution, and environmental degradation continues to rise, highlighting the need for research in this area. Achieving a more sustainable balance between human activity and the natural environment, while maintaining economic growth, remains a significant challenge. Addressing it will require substantial innovation in multiple directions, including finding ways to make economic growth cleaner, control environmental externalities, and protect human populations from environmental change.

To identify and explore these innovations, we welcome submissions from various fields of economics, including: development, macroeconomics, industrial organisation, public, finance, labour, trade, urban, theory, behavioural, and political economy, as well as environmental, energy, and climate.

Call for papers

We are soliciting papers from faculty and PhD students in all areas of the economics of environment and energy. The deadline is 12 June 23:59GMT and we will notify authors by July 10Our conference is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity, and as such, our review process will be conducted with a strong emphasis on ensuring a diverse group of speakers.

For more information please visit the conference website.