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LSE Environment Week 2023

Past Event From to Sustainable Growth

The Economics of Environment and Energy Programme (EEE), International Growth Centre (IGC), and Programme on Innovation and Diffusion (POID) within the LSE Economics Department is convening the second Environment Week at LSE on 11-14 September 2023. Working with partners at the School and across the world we want to use Environment Week to encourage economists from all fields of economics to work on environmental issues and to connect this work to policy change.

Three public events, namely, 'The war on air pollution', 'From adversity to resilience: Climate justice in developing countries', and 'An industrial strategy for the green economy', will have the dual option of in-person and online attendance.

View the full LSE Environment Week programme.

The war on air pollution

LSE Campus and online

The global population is experiencing a reduction of approximately two years in life expectancy due to air pollution—a challenge of immense proportions confronting humanity. Despite significantly jeopardising wellbeing, and contributing to climate change, this critical issue remains inadequately addressed.

From adversity to resilience: Climate justice in developing countries

Old Theatre, Old Building, LSE Campus and online

Join us for this public event which engages with advancing climate justice and enhancing resilience to the impacts of climate change. The focus is on the challenges faced by low- and middle-income countries, which are disproportionately affected by climate change.

An industrial strategy for the green economy

Old Theatre, Old Building, LSE Campus and online

Achieving a net zero economy requires an innovative industrial revolution. How can the UK and other nations create impactful policies to facilitate this transformation? And what implications will the green subsidies introduced by the Biden administration in the Inflation Reduction Act have on the United States, Europe, and the global community?