South Sudan Climate change Photo by Eric Lafforgue Art in All of Us Corbis via Getty Images

LSE Environment Week 2024

Past Event London School of Economics and Political Science From to Sustainable Growth

The conference will take place from September 23rd - 26th at the LSE campus in London.

Achieving a sustainable balance between human activity and the natural environment while maintaining economic growth will require innovation. We need to make economic growth cleaner, control environmental externalities, and protect human populations from environmental change. To identify and explore these innovations, LSE Environment Week and Camp bring together researchers from all fields of economics—including development, macroeconomics, industrial organisation, public, finance, labour, trade, urban, theory, behavioural, and political economy—as well as environmental, energy, and climate experts.

We organise two conferences per year, both taking place in person at the London School of Economics. LSE Environment Week is our flagship conference, running in September, which brings together academics, policy makers and students over the course of 4 days. LSE Environment Camp is our PhD-only conference in May, focused on developing the next generation of researchers working on environmental questions.