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    Twitter chat: Policy solutions to combat corruption

    Host @The_IGC Key discussants Paul Ashin @IMFLive – Senior Financial Sector Expert, Legal department, IMF Kweku Opoku-Agyemang @Kweku_OA – Research Fellow, Center for Effective Global Action, University of California, Berkeley Christine Clough @Christine_Clgh – Acting Communications Director, Global Financial Integrity Alina Rocha Menocal...

    8 December 2017

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    Making the most of urban land

    As developing cities rapidly expand, the use of urban land is crucial to the functioning and financing of urban activity. As such, policies to encourage productive and livable urban land use play a key role in unlocking the potential for cities as engines of growth and prosperity. Efforts to increase the security, marketability and legal enforceability of land rights allow...

    30 November 2017

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    Informal transportation systems in rapidly growing cities

    Across many developing cities, policymakers are increasingly looking to upgrade and modernize existing transport systems in an effort to meet the growing needs of rapidly expanding populations. For instance, in Lagos, Governor Ambode aims to phase out the use of danfo minibuses and replace them with high capacity buses that can operate on Bus Rapid Transit lines. Reactions...

    15 November 2017

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    Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: Drawing on the past, looking to the future

    Sub-Saharan Africa has enjoyed a sustained period of solid growth that has helped to improve living standards. In many countries, this performance was underpinned by sound economic policies, stronger institutions, debt relief, high investment and supportive global conditions. In 2016, growth slowed to a two-decade low, exposing underlying vulnerabilities, and rising public...

    6 November 2017

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    Twitter chat: Innovative systems of governance for rapidly growing cities

    Host @The_IGC Key discussants Enid Slack @imfgtoronto – Director, Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance Martin J. Williams @Mar_tinW – Associate Professor in Public Management, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford Didier G. Sagashya @sagashya – Executive Secretary, The City of Kigali Amina Khan @Khan_ODI – Senior Research...

    31 October 2017