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Past Events

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    IGC at the 33rd Annual General meeting of the Association of Local Authorities in Tanzania

    On the 2nd – 4th October 2017, the IGC was invited to participate in the 33rd Annual General meeting of the Association of Local Authorities in Tanzania (ALAT) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. As part of this, representatives from the IGC’s Cities that Work initiative presented research findings and best practice for additional ‘taxpayer-friendly’ sources of...

    2–4 October 2017

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    Public lecture on the macroeconomics of the digital revolution

    The automation of robots and artificial intelligence is pretty well advanced in certain industries. The income now is shifting more and more to capital and away from workers, contributing to a general widening of inequality in the United States. Jeff Sachs argues that we need to pursue policies so that the coming generation of smart machines works for us and our well-being,...

    2 October 2017

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    Evidence session 5: Building resilience to shocks

    Countries facing fragility and conflict lack resilience to conflict and other shocks – conflict, economic instability, poverty, climate change, epidemics, and fragility tend to feed off each other in a negative cycle. The end of the commodity price boom represents a major economic shock for most of the developing world, especially Africa. The recent outbreak of Ebola in...

    28 September 2017

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    Evidence session 4: Promoting private sector development

    In fragile environments that suffer from unstable and corrupt political regimes and difficult business climates, there is an increasing consensus that strengthening the private sector can be vital to economic and social progress. Private business is often able to operate even in the absence of stable government and therefore presents a promising growth opportunity for...

    27 September 2017

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    Workshop on financial inclusion in Mozambique: Interoperability and literacy

    This workshop will focus on financial literacy and its potential for fostering inclusive growth in Mozambique. The program will include a presentation by Prof Sandra Sequeira on the results of the project Evaluation of the impact of mobile banking and financial literacy on microenterprise development in Mozambique, a presentation by Prof Steffen Hoernig on the results of...

    20 September 2017