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Past Events

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    LSE Environment Week

    The Economics of Environment and Energy Programme (EEE), International Growth Centre (IGC) and Programme on Innovation and Diffusion (POID) within the LSE Economics Department will convene the LSE Environment Week at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in London from 19-23 September 2022. Bringing together partners at LSE and around the world,...

    19–23 September 2022

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    Addressing the sustainable urbanisation challenge in developing countries You can also listen to the audio event recording here: IGC Admin · Addressing the sustainable urbanisation challenge in developing countries The rapid rate of urbanisation ongoing in developing countries presents a complex and urgent set of challenges for cities to accommodate service demands and future jobs of the urban population....

    22 September 2022

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    The impacts of climate change on human wellbeing in developing countries Climate change is already increasing global temperatures, changing rainfall patterns, and resulting in more frequent and severe floods and droughts. Developing countries are most vulnerable to climate change, which can aggravate the effects of poverty and rapid urbanisation. Without effective policies for adaptation and mitigation, climate...

    22 September 2022

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    Roundtable on Zambia’s constituency development fund

    The International Growth Centre (IGC) hosts a closed-door roundtable to bring together government officials, researchers, and development partners to discuss the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) with a focus on the practical barriers faced in its implementation. Zambia has expanded the CDF in the 2022 budget by 1600%, making it the cornerstone government program for...

    21 September 2022

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    Uganda Economic Growth Forum 2022

    The Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development, in partnership with IGC Uganda, organises the Economic Growth Forum – a high-level conference on Uganda’s economy held regularly since 2017. The conference provides an opportunity to discuss key growth challenges, learn from policy experiences in other countries, and identify a course of actions to drive...

    31 August 2022