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    Workshop: Leveraging exports for growth in Uganda

    Engaging in international trade enables firms to grow faster, by facilitating improved supply of inputs, increasing competition in final goods markets, and expanding market access. Even though Uganda exports less than average for other countries at its per capita income, export growth over the last 20 years has been relatively rapid and with considerable diversification....

    19 May 2022

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    BREAD-IGC Virtual PhD Course, Spring 2022

    Modules on Education; Credit, insurance, and risk; and Migration The Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development (BREAD), in collaboration with the International Growth Centre (IGC), is offering a virtual PhD non-credit course for the spring of 2022. This semester-long course covers education; credit, insurance, and risk; and migration. Future courses will...

    27 January 2022

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    Coping with shocks: Resilience in Ethiopia’s ready-made garment industry Ethiopia’s industrial exports depend on the ready-made garment industry mostly located in industrial parks. In addition to the pandemic, factories in Ethiopia faced another shock related to the conflict in the northern parts of the country and the resulting removal of Ethiopia from the free trade privileges provided by...

    4 May 2022

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    Why is women’s empowerment key to fighting climate change? You can listen to the audio recording here: IGC Admin · Why is women’s empowerment key to fighting climate change?   Evidence shows that women’s empowerment and advancing gender equality can lead to more environmentally friendly decision-making at household and national levels as countries with high...

    8 March 2022

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    Infrastructure for Development Conference

    Infrastructure, Recovery & Growth: Building out from the Pandemic The third Infrastructure for Development Conference (#Infra4Dev) Watch recordings from the conference on YouTube. Learn more with the #Infra4Dev blog series: How much do we know about the development impacts of large-scale integrated transport infrastructure? How much do we know about the...

    3–4 March 2022