Private enterprises in conflict-related situations

Past Event Shaw Library, Old Building, LSE 9 Jun 2017 Firms and State

On 9th June, the IGC welcomed Alexandros Ragoussis and Neil Gregory from the International Finance Corporation, World Bank, who presented the report "Private enterprises in conflict-related situations".

Addressing the challenges of conflict-related situations have become a top priority for the development community, and private sector development is an essential part of the IFC effort. Yet the collective understanding of the role and solutions that work for private firms in these situations is incomplete. IFC has been working since mid-2016 on this report that discusses private enterprises in conflict-related situations ranging from countries at high risk to territories in active conflict and in post-conflict transition. The objective of this work is to enhance the understanding of the role, the challenge and the opportunity presented to private businesses in these situations, all with a view to proposing targeted and innovative solutions.

Alexandros Ragoussis and Neil Gregory looked at the theory, the evidence, the business perspective and the policy perspective, and concluded with five principles for the development of a healthy private sector in conflict-related situations and how they apply to development partners but also governments and businesses.

The main findings of the report, which will be officially launched at the end of the year, were presented and discussed with the audience on 9th June in the Shaw Library, Old Building, LSE.

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