Public lecture 11 June

Public lecture: Is a development bargain in Zambia possible?

Past Event Mulungushi International Conference Centre, Lusaka From to Political Economy

The potential of Zambia’s economy is beyond doubt, but it has struggled to sustain economic growth. In this talk, Zambia is put in the context of other recent growth and development successes and failures, building on Dercon’s recent book, Gambling on Development: why some countries win and others lose. One core lesson is that there is a window of opportunity to reverse long periods of disappointing progress provided some of the political economy challenges can be overcome.  The steps required to ignite progress are discussed.

Video recording; Public lecture-Is a development bargain in Zambia possible? Duration 2h:32:03 Video

You can also listen to the audio event recording here:

Audio recording; Public lecture - Is a development bargain in Zambia possible? Duration 2h:58:46 Audio

The lecture features the main keynote speaker, Stefan Dercon, who is Professor of Economic Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government and the Economics Department, and a Fellow of Jesus College, at the University of Oxford. The lecture also includes a fireside chat involving high-level representatives, Mr. Zali Chikuba from Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research and Dr Oswald Mungule from the Economics Association of Zambia.