Seminar: Issues in Education and Health - Policy Insights from Evidence Based Research

Past Event Dhaka, Bangladesh From 14 Jul 2013 to 29 Jul 2013 State

A research seminar titled “Issues in Education and Health: Policy Insights from Evidence Based Research” was organised by the IGC on July 14, 2013 at Hotel Rupasi Bangla, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The seminar centered around some of the research work done by Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak from Yale University and Rachel Glennerster, who serves as the Executive Director of Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), MIT.

The three presentations were:

  • Empowering Adolescent Girls in Bangladesh -The Kishoree Kontha Program (Rachel Glennester)
  • Strategies to Improve Adoption of Welfare-Improving Products in Bangladesh (Mushfiq Mobarak)
  • Does Development Aid Undermine Political Accountability? Voter and Politician Responses to a Large-Scale Sanitation Intervention (Mushfiq Mobarak)

A full event report is available for download below, including a detailed commentary of the results presented and the audience discussion.