Smart containment strategies for COVID-19 in Bangladesh

Past Event COVID-19

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Since lifting lockdown measures on 31 May, weak coordination, communication, and strategic vision have resulted in inadequate pandemic containment in Bangladesh. The rate of COVID-19 transmission and fatality are rising rapidly, putting immense pressure on the health infrastructure and also slowing down the pace of economic activity. While it is agreed that an extended blanket lockdown is not an optimal option, Bangladesh is in urgent need of smarter, well targeted strategies to ensure that hotspots are securely isolated and community transmissions are reduced. 

Rich evidence from behavioural economic research done primarily in Bangladesh provides deep insights and salient pathways through which awareness building, new habit formation, voluntary adherence, and changes in our social norms could be achieved. This evidence base is of relevance in the COVID-19 pandemic context, as the problem addressed in the previous research is very similar, with impactful nudges bringing about voluntary behavioural changes to enhance health and wellbeing.

In this webinar, speakers discuss how evidence ranging on behavioural nudge, trust in institutions, information, and social networks can be best leveraged to design smarter, practical, and effective containment strategies.

When: 14:00 (BST), Thursday, 2 July

You can listen to the event here: