Trade policy roundtable

Past Event Kigali, Rwanda Firms and Trade

IGC Rwanda co-hosted a policy round-table with the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MINEACOM) on March 28th in Kigali.

Three IGC experts on trade, Dave Donaldson (Stanford University), Eric Verhoogen (Columbia University) and John Spray (Cambridge University), presented and discussed pressing policy questions.

The meetingstarted with presentations from the three academics, followed by Q&A and a final session that constituted a dialogue/brainstorm between MINEACOM and IGC.

Building on a recent high-level workshop on trade and export promotion and specific requests from the Minister of Industry and Trade, this event also focused on export promotion through a highly detailed question (e.g. on the use of industrial parks or the extension of local content in regional value chains).

For more information, please contact the IGC Rwanda team: [email protected].