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    Green jobs as drivers of growth in African cities

    The rapid rate of urbanisation ongoing in developing countries presents a complex and urgent set of challenges for cities to accommodate future jobs, housing and other public services and infrastructure demands. Although cities have the potential to be economic hubs of productivity and prosperity, formal jobs in developing cities are scarce, partly due to the lack of...

    28 October 2021

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    IGC-Stanford conference on firms, trade and development

    IGC and the Stanford King Center on Global Development are hosting a two-day conference on November 4 and 5 on the theme of “Firms, Trade and Development.”This event is organized by David Atkin (MIT), Matilde Bombardini (Berkeley), Dave Donaldson (MIT), Pete Klenow (Stanford), Imran Rasul (UCL), Meredith Startz (Dartmouth), Eric Verhoogen (Columbia), and Chris...

    4–5 November 2021

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    COVID-19 vs. the ultra-poor graduation approach: Evidence from Bangladesh

    The poorest and the most vulnerable households in low-income countries have been hit hardest by COVID-19. In Bangladesh, an additional 22.9% of the population fell below the poverty line (Rahman et al., 2020). In normal conditions, BRAC’s Ultra-Poor Graduation (UPG) program has proven highly successful at giving the poorest women in some of the poorest areas of...

    10 November 2021