Workshop: IGC Ghana Stakeholder Discussion 2013

Past Event Accra, Ghana 24 Jun 2013 Inclusive Growth

The Ghana Stakeholder Workshop brought together key policy stakeholders to highlight and discuss the topic areas and issues that will form the basis for the IGC's strategy in Ghana.

The aim of the workshop was to engage and consult with key policymakers from the various ministries and civil society organisations in Ghana, as well as with academics, to determine the policy questions that are in need of further research.

The six proposed thematic areas for future IGC-Ghana work are:

  • Human capital
  • Natural resource management
  • Agriculture sector restructuring
  • Macroeconomic stability
  • Private sector development
  • Governance, accountability and political economy

A detailed event report is available for download and includes a list of attendees.

Many photos are available from the event - visit our Flickr page to view all the photos.