Workshop: IGC/EAZ Public Discussion on Mining Taxation in Zambia

Past Event Lusaka, Zambia 23 Feb 2012 Firms

The IGC, in collaboration with the Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) organised a presentation by Professor Robert Conrad (Duke University) on his continued work on mining taxation in Zambia. The discussion was chaired by Wila Mungomba, the executive chairman of Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Investment Holdings (ZCCM-IH). Mr Frederick Bantubonse, the Zambia Chamber of Mines executive director and Dr Mathias Mphande, a lecturer in the School of Mines and formerly chief mining engineer and then Minister of Mines in the reform era of the early 1990 were the main discussants.

The aim of the public discussion was to discuss the work of Robert Conrad, the IGC Researcher who has been working on Zambia’s mining taxation closely with the Zambia Revenue Authority for the past two years. It was also envisaged that the discussions of the workshop participants will help to shape the debate in the pursuit of the government’s continued search for balance between finding optimal mining tax that will yield maximum revenue for development while maintaining competitiveness in mining investment and maintaining stability in its fiscal regime for investors.

Several resources are available from the event, including an event report, a presentation from Robert Conrad on his work with the Zambia Revenue Authority, the working paper on which the presentation is based, and a video of the event.

Mineral taxation in Zambia Duration Video