Workshop: Natural Gas Potentials and Challenges in Tanzania

Past Event Dar es Salaam, Tanzania From 12 Dec 2012 to 14 Dec 2012 Energy

This event brought together policymakers and others to discuss the challenges posed by recent natural gas discoveries in Tanzania, identify existing knowledge gaps and propose ways forward that would ensure sufficient preparedness before natural gas extraction begins. Policy research areas in which IGC Tanzania can support the Tanzanian authorities as part of future work were also defined. The event was a collaborative effort between the President's Office Planning Commission, the Bank of Tanzania and the IGC.

The event sought to:

  • Create a common understanding on the priority issues at hand.
  • Clearly define the role of each central and sector agency in ensuring a smooth transition to greater dependency on the natural resource sector.
  • Help the Planning Commission undertake its tasks as coordinator of government activities.

Event materials are available for download below.