Workshop on Private Sector Development in Mozambique – Focus on Managers and Workers

Past Event Maputo Mozambique 24 Mar 2016 Entrepreneurship and Firms

On 24th March 2016, IGC Mozambique hosted a workshop in Maputo to deliver the baseline results derived from the initial phase of the projects “Financial Literacy of Managers and the Efficiency of Capital Allocation in Corporations” , “Developing vocational training in the Mozambique labour market”  and "Evaluation of the Impact of Mobile Banking and Financial Literacy on Microenterprise Development in Mozambique" to policymakers and other stakeholders, and stimulated a discussion on the challenges related to private sector development in Mozambique.

This workshop brought together the project leads, Dr. Pedro Martins (Queen Mary University), Dr. Claudia Custodio (NOVA University of Lisbon), and Dr. Pedro Vicente (NOVA University of Lisbon) as well as keynote speaker Mariapia Mendola (University of Milan ‘Bicocca’). It was attended by local stakeholders from the government, donors, civil society and private sector.

The workshop featured a presentation from each of the speakers as well as a comprehensive discussion panel with a Q&A session.

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