WTO Aid for Trade - IGC side event

Past Event Geneva, Switzerland From to Firms and Trade

The Sixth Global Review of Aid for Trade, “Promoting Connectivity”, was held at the WTO in Geneva from 11 to 13 July 2017 gathering 500-700 people from trade delegations around the world to discuss ways to promote trade-led growth. The event featured plenary speeches from heads of agencies along with panels presenting research and policy analyses on topics such as lowering trade costs, services, structural transformation, industrial policy, etc.

The IGC hosted a side event on 12 July in conjunction with the plenary sessions, in the form of a panel discussion with brief presentations from speakers, followed by discussion facilitated by the chair, Richard Newfarmer (Country Director, IGC Uganda/Rwanda).

The session, entitled “Reducing African trade costs through connectivity”, discussed how Africa could increase its exports by reducing trade costs. The panel analysed connectivity widely to ask how improved infrastructure and technology can affect trade, through for example reduced transport costs, reduced border barriers, the establishment of special economic zones, and e-commerce.

Speakers included Ritwika Sen (Country Economist, IGC Uganda), Victor Steenbergen (Country Economist, IGC Rwanda), Alexander Himbert (University of Lausanne). Paul Brenton acted as commentator.

The event report can be downloaded below.