Zambia Economic Growth Forum 2022

Past Event Inclusive Growth, State Effectiveness, State and Sustainable Growth

Highlights from the Zambia Economic Growth Forum Duration 03:45 Video

The International Growth Centre (IGC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and National Planning co-hosts the inaugural Economic Growth Forum (EGF). Following a ‘knowledge to action’ format, the EGF convenes over 300 policy stakeholders including senior policymakers, researchers, and development agencies to discuss barriers to economic growth and identifying opportunities for reform  in governance, mining and agriculture. His Excellency the President of Zambia Mr. Hakainde Hichilema delivers a keynote speech that emphasises the value of partnership between the state and the IGC to enable the use of research and evidence for sustainable economic growth. Honourable Minister of Finance and National Planning, Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane, Sir Paul Collier and Professor Nava Ashraf deliver remarks on economic development in Zambia.

Session I: Governance for Growth

Led by Prof Nava Ashraf the session explores the foundations for an effective public sector which included the role of data and behavioural incentives. Focus is on improving the effectiveness of human and physical capital and property rights as inputs that make public sector work. Participants engage in action-oriented brainstorming sessions based on the presentations and provide a basis for identifying the bottlenecks around efficiently providing public services.

Session II: Unlocking Zambia’s Mining Potential

Led by Sir Paul Collier, covers the breadth of the natural resource decision chain from discovery of minerals to managing citizens' expectations. The session also shares practical knowledge and strategic thinking on how to maximise the benefits of mining for Zambians. Outcomes from this session include the need to discover what mineral resources the country has, managing revenue uncertainty and investing the revenues from resources to diversify the economy.

Session III: Raising Agricultural Productivity

Led by Professor Simon Roberts explores the constraints to agricultural productivity and opportunities for value addition in Zambia. The session discusses market constraints such as price volatility, lack of information and barriers to entry that affect the country’s potential to participate in agricultural trade. Outcomes emerging from session including the need to adopt on-farm production technologies and improved seed varieties.