Eligibility criteria

Any researcher is allowed to apply for both the full research grant and the small grant. However, please see below some guiding principles.

  1. For the small grants, researchers must conduct their research in an IGC country, and get in touch with the IGC country team as they work on their proposals. Awards are capped at GBP 40,000. We do not expect you to claim this full amount in your budget if you are conducting purely exploratory research. Pilots, however, may be considered for the full 40,000 in funding.
  2. For full research grants, we very rarely fund projects over GBP 100,000, and our average project value is GBP 60,000.
  3. The IGC will not fund projects that are purely qualitative, not grounded in sound economics research principles, or relevant only to middle- or high-income countries.
  4. Projects in IGC countries are more likely to get approved.
  5. We favour applications that are in line with IGC research priorities, empirically rigorous, advance our knowledge about inclusive growth policy, and have strong value for money.