India call for proposals

The IGC issues a regular call for proposals. A current call for proposals is being run by the IGC India team only.

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How to apply

The IGC accepts applications through its call for proposals. The IGC India team are currently accepting applications for a specific India focused call. If you are interested in applying for funding in this call, we strongly recommend that you consider the following steps:

  1. Review the IGC India research priorities to see if your proposed topic fits with the IGC research agenda for this call. The IGC’s research focuses on four main themes: State, Firms, Cities, and Energy. In this call, IGC will only consider proposals pertaining to the State and Firms themes.
  2. Read the guidelines for applicants to help you complete your application. This guide contains useful information covering all aspects relating to budgets and remuneration, the project deliverables, and grant management.
  3. Fill in the IGC proposal form and the budget template. Applications without budgetary information will not be considered for funding. Ensure that you use the latest version of the forms provided. Hard copies will not be accepted.
  4. Save the IGC proposal form as a Word document & the budget template as an Excel document. Submissions in other formats will not be considered.
  5. Send the completed IGC proposal form and detailed budget breakdown to by the next deadline (12th August 2018). Late applications will not be considered.


IGC India proposal form

IGC project budget template – July 2018

Project proposal – research assistant form

Please note that we are only accepting proposals related to the themes of State and Firms. Research must be based in Bihar or cross-country proposals need to incorporate Bihar as one of the study areas.

Guidelines for applicants

Please read our ‘Guidelines for applicants’ if you are considering applying for IGC research funding.