Sierra Leone/Liberia

This special call for proposals is currently closed.

The IGC is currently running a special call for proposals for economic research on urgent or time-sensitive policy issues in Liberia and Sierra Leone, as it is recognised that a faster project commissioning process would be beneficial for time-sensitive projects in these countries during this crucial post-Ebola recovery period. The IGC is also welcoming requests from policymakers and development partners in Liberia and Sierra Leone for the commissioning of research on urgent or time-sensitive policy issues.

Proposals falling under any of the IGC’s research themes – State, Firms, Energy, and Cities– will be considered for funding under this special call for proposals, provided that sufficient urgency or time-sensitivity can be demonstrated to warrant project commissioning outside of the IGC’s regular call for proposals. Some examples of policy areas that require urgent attention in Liberia and Sierra Leone include:

  • the economic impacts and consequences of the Ebola outbreak on the private sector and strategies for promoting recovery and growth;
  • health sector strengthening;
  • informal settlements, notably displacement issues after recent floods in Sierra Leone;
  • revenue generation for cities;
  • impacts and consequences of the commodity price slump;
  • regional integration and cooperation; and
  • civic education and elections.

We invite expressions of interest and/or proposals in two broad categories:

  1. Economic analysis on a topic that has been requested by our partners in government or an international organisation.

    If this is the case, please send us a CV and a cover letter expressing your interest and competence. As we field requests or identify topics to work on, we will reach out to qualified researchers.

  2. Original economic research on an urgent or time-sensitive economic policy issue in Liberia or Sierra Leone.

    For this category, the standard IGC project proposal must be filled out in full – see the attachments on this page. For any empirical research, the researchers must have a plan on which data to use, and if new data are required, how they can be obtained.

We encourage creative thinking on all proposals, recognising that there are many complex challenges currently facing Liberia and Sierra Leone. Academic quality and value for money are key proposal evaluation criteria. Projects commissioned under this special call for proposals will be funded by the IGC’s Liberia and Sierra Leone Country Programmes. Proposals for non-urgent projects should be submitted to the IGC’s regular call for proposals.

Please submit the appropriate material to