IGC Session at the International Economics Association World Congress

On June 7th 2014 the IGC will be holding a special contributed session at the International Economics Association World Congress, organised by Jonathan Leape. In this session Adnan Khan will give a presentation on the IGC’s innovative model of collaborative research, which fosters the co-generation of knowledge by policy makers and researchers. This session will outline this approach, drawing on a range of different IGC projects as examples.

Jonathan Leape will also chair a panel discussion with Timothy Besley and Robin Burgess on ‘New Appoaches to Growth and Development’. The past two decades have seen a revolution in the approaches to growth and development, sparked by the credibility revolution in empirical work, led by development economics, and by policy makers’ increasing emphasis on basing policy on evidence. The panel will discuss how these approaches can be challenging but have opened new agendas in research leading to new ideas for growth.