Amman, Jordan

IGC launches a new country programme in Jordan

Press Release

The programme will support pathbreaking research to generate new evidence and ideas to support sustainable growth in Jordan, working in partnership with policy stakeholders and local and international researchers.

The International Growth Centre (IGC) has launched a new country programme in Jordan, funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). IGC’s country team based in Amman will work closely with local policymakers, national and international academics, and practitioners to generate innovative, evidence-based research and policy recommendations to support sustainable economic growth and long-term development in Jordan.  

Key areas of focus will include jobs and labour markets; firms, trade, and investment; energy access, cost, and sustainability; and productive and sustainable urbanisation, with a focus on supporting sustainable and inclusive growth. 

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The IGC is looking to build a network of researchers and development stakeholders based in the region. If you are interested in collaborating with us or would like to learn more, please reach out to our team at [email protected].