Statement from the Council on State Fragility about Sudan

Press Release

The IGC’s Council on State Fragility is deeply concerned about the military takeover in Sudan and the dissolution of the country’s transitional power-sharing government. The actions by security agencies are in direct violation of Sudan’s Constitutional Declaration and Sudanese citizens’ desire for peace, justice, democracy, and economic development.

The international community should strongly condemn any intervention aimed at disrupting Sudan’s democratic transition and should assert their support for Sudan’s civilian leaders, including Prime Minister Hamdok. We call for the immediate release of arrested civilian leaders, restoration of mobile and internet services, and respect for human rights. We also call for an immediate resumption of dialogue between all Sudanese parties as the only solution to the country’s political gridlock.

Continuing this military action will set back Sudan’s notable momentum towards reform and international reintegration and will discourage the international assistance and foreign investment critical to Sudan’s economic reform agenda and future.