Ahmedi Yusuf

  • Municipal Finance Officer at UN-Habitat Somaliland/Somalia
Ahmedi Yusuf is the Municipal Finance Officer at UN-Habitat Somaliland/ Somalia where he is responsible for municipal finance in the Joint Programme on Local Government (JPLG) and decentralization services delivery in Somaliland. His mandate includes developing & reviewing municipal finance policies, taxation, accounting manuals as well as providing capacity and training support for implementation of municipal finance activities. Ahmedi previously worked as Director of Admin and Finance as well as Director of Planning at Burao Municipality, holding various other duties in the period of 2001-2012. He later moved to Terri Solidali as IT and Accountant Expert where he was responsible for technical support in five districts’ revenue management and Burao’s water agency billing. He holds a Master of Public Administration from Kampala University, and Masters of Accounting and Finance from Amoud University. He is a candidate for the Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy (CIPFA) and teaches at the Civil Services Institute (CSI) Hargeisa.