Allan Macleod

  • Bristol SDG Research and Engagement Associate
  • Bristol City Council

Allan works with the University of Bristol, Bristol City Office and Bristol City Council as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Research and Engagement Associate. He works across these three organisations to assist in their adoption of the SDGs, as well as support stakeholders from across Bristol to improve awareness and understanding about the SDGs and help drive action in the cit. He has assisted the Bristol City Office with the delivery of the One City Plan, the Global Parliament of Mayors, Bristol Method+ report on SDG Localisation and Bristol’s Environmental Sustainability Vision. Working with the Cabot Institute for the Environment, City Futures Theme he produced the UK's first Voluntary Local Review (VLR) of progress towards the SDGs as well as a handbook to assist other cities in undertaking the same report. He presented Bristol's VLR during the UN High Level Political Forum and has also shared Bristol's experience in Berlin, Vienna, Los Angeles, Dusseldorf, Brussels, Sheffield and Mexico City. Allan coordinates the Bristol SDG Alliance and is currently working with the British Council, Bristol City Office and Bristol City Council to further the use of the SDGs in Bristol, the UK and beyond.