Amisha Miller

Amisha Miller

  • Assistant Professor of Management and Organisations
  • New York University, Stern School of Business



Dr. Amisha Miller is an Assistant Professor of Management and Organisations at New York University Stern School of Business. Her academic endeavors primarily focus on the study of decision-making processes within entrepreneurship and innovation, paying special attention to their implications for inclusivity and inequality. Her recent papers examine the complementary roles of advice and experimentation when forming entrepreneurial strategy, and the effects of investor inquiry on gender disparities in investments in innovation. Dr. Miller’s research has  been published in Organization Science, featured in Forbes magazine, and has been transformed into the Smarter Systems toolkit for investors  She garnered recognition from academic awards from the Strategic Management Society, the Academy of Management, the Industry Studies Association and Organization Science/INFORMS. Before her tenure at NYU Stern, Dr. Miller worked in various research and policy roles in funding bodies, as a consultant with governmental agencies at international, national, and local levels, in nonprofit organisations, and as an entrepreneur.

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