Arif Hasan

  • Architect and Planner
  • The Urban Resource Centre (Karachi)



Arif Hasan is an architect and planner in private practice in Karachi who has long worked closely with the Orangi Pilot Project and with the Urban Resource Centre in Karachi (of which he is Chair). He is also Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning at NED University in Karachi. He has published widely on urban issues, including a series of books with City Press in Pakistan: Working with Government: The Story of the Orangi Pilot Project's Collaboration with State Agencies for Replicating its Low-cost Sanitation Programme (1997); Akhtar Hameed Khan and the OPP (1999); Understanding Karachi: Planning and Reform for the Future (1999); Working with Communities (2001); and The Unplanned Revolution; Observations on the Process of Socioeconomic Change in Pakistan (2002).