Christopher Adam

  • Professor of Development Economics
  • University of Oxford



Responsive policy advisors

Christopher Adam is a Responsive Policy Advisor for the IGC.

Christopher Adam is Professor of Development Economics in the Department for International Development and Research Associate of the Centre for the Study of African Economies, University of Oxford. He is a Fellow of the European Development Network (EUDN), Visiting Professor at the University of Clermont-Ferrand, France, and a Visiting Scholar at the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington DC. In 2011-12 he served as Specialist Advisor to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee Inquiry into the Effectiveness of UK Development Aid. He is Vice-Chair of the Board of the African Economic Research Consortium, representing DFID. His research is principally concerned with macroeconomic theory and policy in low-income countries, especially those of Sub-Saharan Africa.  Most recently, this work has concentrated on the analysis of monetary, exchange rate and fiscal policy in ‘post-stabilization’ countries.  In recent years, much of this work has been concerned with the economies of East Africa. An undergraduate at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, he also holds an M.Phil.  and D.Phil. in Economics from Nuffield College, Oxford.