Evelyn Dietsche

  • Researcher



Dr. Evelyn Dietsche brings over 20 years of operational and advisory experience from the multinational private sector, consultancy experience in the international development sector, and applied research experience on the natural resources sectors and economic and social development. She takes a keen interest in how the envisaged clean energy transition and respective policies will impact low-income countries and fragile countries that rely on exporting commodities.

With her diverse but complementary experiences, Evelyn thrives on analyzing complex situations and policy environments and applying and integrating different perspectives. Her strength lies in conducting political-economic, socio-political, conflict sensitivity, and fiduciary analyses and providing thought-leadership to translate these into strategic insights and actions.

She holds a PhD from the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law & Policy, University of Dundee, and an MSc in Development Economics from the University of London and a postgraduate Diploma in Public Policy and Management from the University of Konstanz.