Hina Shaikh

  • Senior Country Economist, Pakistan
  • International Growth Centre


IGC Staff


Hina Shaikh has been working in the development sector for over 15 years and has been IGC since 2012. She will be completing her MSc programme at the University of Sussex on Sustainable Development in the fall of 2023. She also has an MSc degree in Development Economics from the Lahore University of Management Sciences. She has a keen interest in working on current development issues within Pakistan and has the relevant academic background and practical experience in designing, implementing, and evaluating development initiatives with a focus on sustainable development. She has worked with reputable international NGOs and multilateral organisations and managed development projects in various capacities.

Her research interests include issues surrounding sustainable development, climate change, inclusive growth, and political economy of policymaking. She writes extensively on current policy issues for the IGC, and other forums like Oxford Analytica, English daily newspapers, and Consortium for Development Policy Research. Hina is skilled in policy analysis that includes conducting research, evaluating policy options, and providing recommendations for sustainable policy interventions. She also has a track record in stakeholder engagement, including facilitating dialogues, conducting consultations, and building partnerships with diverse stakeholders. Her main area of focus is to connect policymaking to evidence-backed analysis and has a deep understanding of Pakistan's policy landscape.