Hina Shaikh

  • Country Economist, Pakistan
  • International Growth Centre


IGC Staff


Hina Shaikh has been working in the development sector for over 10 years. With an under-graduate degree in Computer Sciences and an MSC in Economics from the Lahore University of Management Sciences, she now has a keen interest in working on current economic development issues within Pakistan. Her Master's Thesis, entitled 'Financial Liberalization and Rural Access to Credit' undertook an analysis of the recent wave of privatization of MCB Bank and its impact on access to credit, particularly studying the role of rural credit markets and its relationship with commercial banking.

She has been with IGC since June 2012. She has previously completed several assignments in development having worked with the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, UNICEF and UNWomen. She recently worked on the Social Protection Index report for Pakistan for the ADB. She also worked with the Punjab Government on the Punjab Devolved Social Services Program for a year and worked 5 years at the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. Hina's research interests include public policy in the social sector, particularly education, role of the public and private sector in service provision and financing, understanding and analyzing poverty (including gendered poverty) and development in developing countries and political economy of governance and economic reforms.