Katrina Kosec

  • Senior Research Fellow
  • International Food Policy Research Institute



Katrina Kosec is a Senior Research Fellow in the Development Strategy and Governance Division at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) where she is Theme Leader for Public Investment. She is an applied microeconomist working at the intersection of development economics, political economy, and public economics. Her research focuses on the linkages between governance, public investment, and poverty. One strand of work investigates the impacts of decentralisation and local political competition on growth, environmental investments, tax policy, and public service provision.

A second considers individual aspirations, including what drives them and how they influence economic, political, and social behaviours and opinions. A third considers the drivers and impacts of migration, including the roles that both economic factors and institutions play in shaping decisions surrounding locations and sectors of employment. Katrina holds a Ph.D. in Political Economics from Stanford University, where she was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow in Economics.