Matthew Adendorff

  • Data Lead
  • Open Cities Lab



Matthew is the Data Lead at the Open Cities Lab (OCL), a civic technology not-for-profit start-up in Durban, South Africa, that works to realise people-centric participatory democracy through the application of cutting edge data-science, machine-learning, and focused user-engagement. He is also the co-founder of Tenji, a high-performance data-science lab that leverages technology to power compound, evidence-based insights. He oversees the design and implementation of computational infrastructure, web app deployment, data analysis pipeline construction, and the application of algorithms for insightful processing of information. Matthew was introduced to data-science and machine learning during his studies in computational nanotechnology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, obtaining his PhD in 2016. Since then, he has worked to apply these methodologies to challenges in media analytics, city-centric data-science, bias detection, and socio-economic topology modelling. In his spare time he is an appreciator and brewer of beer.