Ronke Luke

  • President of WCEE
  • Women's Council on Energy and the Environment



Ronke is President of WCEE. She has broad experience in energy, environmental and Information Technology consulting for government and commercial clients. She has worked on initiatives to advocate for U.S. advanced electric power technology in international markets; commercialize new technologies for emissions control at refineries; and environmental regulatory development, compliance and enforcement (Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act). Ronke is currently a Director of Business Development at General Dynamics IT standing up their new Energy account. Prior to General Dynamics, she worked for e-Management where she stood up an award-winning Green IT initiative within the Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management that integrated sustainability within IT operations. Ronke is interested in the factors that influence energy technology adoption in non-industrial countries and how IT can be a catalyst for socio-economic development in developing countries. She volunteers on energy and educational initiatives in Africa. Ronke’s avocation is design. Her interests span all aspects – from architecture to fashion. She is fascinated by the balance of culture, functionality and aesthetics. Ronke holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the Technical University of Karlsruhe, Germany - See more at: