Sabina Dewan

  • Executive Director
  • JustJobs Network



Sabina Dewan is Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and President of JustJobs Network Inc.

Sabina examines the role of quality employment in building equitable and just societies around the globe. She works on a range of economic issues--from the impact of globalization on employment to the role of trade, foreign assistance, and monetary policies in raising living standards.

Sabina leads the JustJobs Network, a research and advocacy organization addressing the global crisis of unemployment and unjust employment. The JustJobs Network was founded by John Podesta, former Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton and Chair of the Center for American Progress.

Her career has spanned continents and taken her from the International Labour Organization (ILO), to the European Commission, to grassroots organizations in India. She is a frequent media contributor, having appeared on outlets such as CNN, BBC, and Al-Jazeera. Fluent in Hindi and proficient in French, Sabina splits her time between Washington, D.C. and New Delhi, India.