Sushanta Mallick

  • Professor in International Finance
  • Queen Mary University of London



Sushanta Mallick's main research interests include issues in international economics and finance. Currently his research concentrates on, first, international issues involving why exporters’ pricing behaviour changes in the aftermath of policy reforms (previously funded by British Academy), and what are the real effects of macroeconomic and exchange rate shocks in advanced and emerging market economies; second, financial issues covering the link between monetary policy and asset prices, examining the effects of alternative sources of financing on firm-level performance, how to prevent corporate financial misreporting, and whether information technology investment has a negative impact on the banking industry due to network competition effect; third, development issues namely measuring poverty via consumption deprivation (previously funded by British Academy), examining the linkages between macroeconomic policy and poverty reduction, investigating the effects of foreign capital and the link between rural financial development & standard of living, and how best to commercialise the microfinance sector while improving access of the poor.