Tonusree Basu

  • Lead on Policy Priorities
  • Open Government Partnership

Tonusree Basu is Lead, Policy Priorities at Open Government Partnership (OGP). She is responsible for strategy and partnerships to support reforms, on areas like anti-corruption, gender, and digital governance across OGP member countries. Tonu has consulted on international open government projects, including with UN Women and the World Bank. Tonu started her career working with grassroots organisations in India, and serves on the Board of the Society for Citizens Vigilance Initiative', India, which supports citizen empowerment among underserved communities. Her previous roles have included leading projects related to parliamentary engagement with citizens at PRS Legislative Research, India, and managing a San Francisco-based global policy network on impact investing, established with the UK Cabinet Office and World Economic Forum. She holds an MSc in Politics and Communication from the London School of Economics and an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School, where she was a Public Service Fellow. Tonu has a diploma in conflict management and is trained in the classical Indian dance form - Odissi.