Photo of Vikas Dimble.

Vikas Dimble

  • Director and Head of the Isaac Centre for Public Policy
  • Ashoka University



Vikas Dimble is the Director and Head of the Isaac Centre for Public Policy (ICPP) at Ashoka University and the content editor for Ideas for India. Building on Ashoka University’s brand-  ICPP aims to achieve excellence in three strands of work —in academic programmes and executive education, in policymaker-led research including policy case studies and briefs, and public policy events.

Before joining Ashoka University, Vikas was the Associate Director and India Lead for the DataDelta team at IDinsight. He has also been Deputy Director for the Ashoka Centre for Economic Policy (ACEP) at Ashoka University. ACEP worked on empirical macro-development questions relevant to developing countries and Vikas worked with Arvind Subramanian, the Director, to conceptualise, set up, and run ACEP. Before ACEP, Vikas was the Assistant Director of Research and Strategy for the Tata Centre for Development (TCD) at the University of Chicago. He has also worked as an India Country Economist for the IGC at the London School of Economics (LSE), as a consultant to the World Bank, and as a Research Associate at J-PAL at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).