Wilma Viviers

  • Professor of International Trade
  • North-West University



Wilma Viviers is a professor of International Trade, Leader of the TRADE (Trade and Development) research entity and NRF-rated researcher at the North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus). She has an impressive array of publications, and is a leading authority in the fields of export promotion, competitive intelligence (CI) and economic development.

Prof Viviers’ passionate research interest in, and active contribution towards the realisation of, strategies to improve South Africa’s trade performance and competitiveness, are acknowledged both locally and internationally.  Notably, the Decision Support Model (DSM) for the identification of South African export opportunities – which she has launched in this country – is being lauded in both government and business circles as a refreshingly efficient approach to export market selection. The DSM and its many applications are extensively covered in the book ‘Export Promotion: A Decision Support Model Approach’ by Prof Ludo Cuyvers of the University of Antwerp and Prof Viviers.