Nick Tsivanidis

Nick Tsivanidis is a Research Programme Director for the IGC’s Cities research programme.

Nick is Assistant Professor of Real Estate and Economics at University of California, Berkeley. His research uses new sources of data to understand the process of urbanization in emerging economies. His recent research includes: examining the impact of Bus Rapid Transit on productivity and inequality in Bogotá, using satellite imagery and AI to understand the dynamics of slums in Mumbai, and understanding the impact of the refugee influx on Amman.

He received a BSc from Warwick University in 2009, MA from Yale University in 2010 and PhD from University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 2018.

Content by Nick Tsivanidis
  • Blog post

    Impact of COVID-19 on public transport

    Public transport has been hit hard by COVID-19. With ridership significantly down, operators in developing cities will have to face difficult questions for their future viability. The appropriate response must plan for contingencies, but never forget the value of shared transit in the process of economic development. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, cities across...

    6 Aug 2020 | Julia Bird, Sebastian Kriticos, Nick Tsivanidis

  • Publication - Evidence Paper

    IGC evidence paper - Cities (Draft)

    18 Dec 2019 | Gharad Bryan, Edward Glaeser, Nick Tsivanidis

  • Multimedia Item - Video

    The economic and social challenges Amman faces as a fast-growing city

    IGC, Columbia Global Centers - Amman, and the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) convened academic experts, policymakers, and practitioners at the event 'Amman: An engine of economic growth' to explore the economic and social challenges Amman faces as a fast-growing city, as well as the opportunities to leverage its potential as a growth pole for Jordan.

    2 Oct 2019