Alebel Weldesilassie

Alebel Weldesilassie was a Country Economist for IGC Ethiopia. He is a research fellow at the Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI), a think tank that conducts policy-relevant research and advises the Government of Ethiopia on economic development. He also acts as a Director of the Poverty and Sectoral Research Directorate of the EDRI, as well as an assistant professor at the Addis Ababa University School of Economics. In the past, he has worked as a research assistant at the International Livestock Research Institute and International Studies on Childhood Poverty Program in Ethiopia. He has also served as a water resource economist in the Ministry of Water Resources. He did his PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics at Hohenheim University, Germany. He obtained his MSc. in Economic Policy Analysis from Addis Ababa University and BSc. in Agricultural Economics from Alemaya University.

Content by Alebel Weldesilassie
  • Project

    Neighbourhood effects and social capital in urban housing: Evidence from random neighbourhood assignment

    In Africa, the population living in cities is set to triple by 2050. Government policy will play a key role in planning urban environments, including providing affordable housing and public goods for people moving to new urban neighbourhoods. How can urban policies be designed to promote flourishing communities and efficient delivery of public services? How can policy...

    22 Aug 2016 | Berihu Assefa Gebrehiwot, Simon Franklin, Alebel Weldesilassie

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    Low cost housing for Africa's cities? The impact of the Government Condominium Scheme in Ethiopia

    Cities in Africa face severe shortages of affordable formal housing. It is estimated that Ethiopia’s current housing deficit in urban areas is about a million units, and that only 30 percent of the current housing stock is in decent condition. Many of the capital city’s inhabitants live in sub-standard housing conditions without access to important urban services. In...

    8 Oct 2015 | Berihu Assefa Gebrehiwot, Simon Franklin, Alebel Weldesilassie