Ali Akbar

Ali is Manager, Knowledge Management, at Karandaaz Pakistan. He was formerly Head of Research and Operations at the Pakistan Microfinance Network.  He oversaw the publication of annual research studies and MicroNOTES on prevalent issues in the Pakistan microfinance sector and managed PMN’s research-oriented projects for consulting organisations.  He was also involved in the strategic development of PMN, and supported the CEO in development of the organisation’s business plan.

Ali has considerable experience in policy development and applied economic research. Besides providing research assistance on various publications, he has co-authored a research publication of a think tank in Ottawa, Canada and the Child Development Journal.  His stint in social research also includes supervising World Bank’s user feedback household survey, Citizens’ Report Card and administering polls and omnibus surveys for international donors and agencies like USAID, Princeton Review and Gallup, USA.

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    Sharing once hidden information: Credit bureaus, MFIs, and client welfare

    For at least 30 years, the microfinance movement sought to provide credit in settings where strong constraints meant traditional banking methods weren’t feasible. One particular constraint to traditional banking methods was the high fixed cost of information gathering, storage and dissemination. Over time, this constraint has been relaxed as microfinance institutions...

    2 Mar 2017 | Gharad Bryan, Greg Fischer, Jonathan de Quidt, Ali Akbar