Alice Xu

Alice Xu is a Postdoctoral Associate at the Yale Leitner Program in Political Economy and a Ph.D. candidate (expected Nov. 2021) in the Department of Government at Harvard University. Alice study’s inequality and social policy, identity/ethnic and distributive politics in urban contexts, and comparative environmental politics in the Global South. Alice’s dissertation book project explores the political causes and consequences of socioeconomic and racial segregation across cities in Brazil and Mexico (see here). The project employs an original large-scale household survey, survey experiments, geocoded data on the spatial distribution of sewage contamination, crime, and infrastructural public goods, administrative and historical data, and qualitative evidence gathered over the course of 17 months of field research.

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    How gender and migrant status affects collective action among street vendors

    Cities across sub-Saharan Africa are experiencing an influx of migration from rural regions and abroad, creating challenges for sustainable growth and development. Ensuring the economic and social incorporation of these foreign or rural migrants into the urban political economy is a critical challenge. While migrants face intense market competition (livelihood) in some...

    11 Mar 2022 | Alice Xu, Shelley Liu