Ambrose James

As Country Director for Search for Common Ground in Sierra Leone, Ambrose has 13 years of experience working on community development initiatives utilizing media tools to achieve development outcomes. He helps design local radio programs that aimed to provide greater transparency of the local government councils’ financing.

During his fellowship in the U.S., James worked with the Media Literacy Project in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on a variety of initiatives focused on media monitoring, media literacy, and social media engagement.

As an extension to his work with Search for Common Ground, after returning to Sierra Leone, Ambrose designed a radio program that aimed to increase the accountability and transparency of six local councils. In addition, the radio program aimed to disseminate information about the councils’ activities, including voting patterns, program funding and decision-making processes.

Content by Ambrose James
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    Pilot program on decentralization in Sierra Leone

    Local councils were reintroduced into Sierra Leone in 2004 and were given the responsibility for local development and supervision of local public services. There is considerable debate in Sierra Leone and other countries about the extent to which development funds should be decentralized to councils as well as what role, if any, Members of Parliament should take in...

    29 Oct 2014 | Katherine E. Casey, Rachel Glennerster, Ambrose James, Gianmarco León