Andrea Di Miceli

Andrea Di Miceli is Associate at Analysis Group in Boston. He received his PhD from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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  • Publication - Project Report

    Uptake and impacts of mobile apps for improving state effectiveness

    7 Feb 2019 | Andrea Di Miceli, Russell Toth

  • Blog post

    Using a mobile app to improve pre- and post-natal health in Myanmar

    Human capital is a key factor for sustained economic growth (López-Casasnovas, 2007). Pre-natal and early-life health are particularly crucial pillars to economic development as they provide a foundation for the accumulation of cognitive and non-cognitive skills.  They have also shown to be one of the highest-return socio-economic interventions available (Heckman, 2014...

    5 Oct 2017 | Andrea Di Miceli, Russell Toth

  • Project

    Chasing the key player: A network approach to Myanmar civil war

    Civil war has been the most destructive form of violent military conflict since the end of World War II. In the last three years alone, direct casualties from civil wars exceeded half a million. Because of civil wars, human and physical capital is destroyed, people are displaced and economic development is impaired. The goal of our project is to understand the determinants...

    10 Aug 2016 | Romain Wacziarg, Andrea Di Miceli

  • Project

    Uptake and impacts of mobile apps for improving state effectiveness

    This project will evaluate the impact of a maternal and child health mobile application in Myanmar, as a potential intervention to overcome gaps in state capacity to distribute health knowledge. The ‘MayMay’ app has been developed by Koe Koe Tech, a local firm specialising in the IT and health sector, in collaboration with Population Services International, a global...

    6 Jul 2016 | Russell Toth, Andrea Di Miceli

  • Project

    Impacts of digital technologies on public health: Project development and inception

    This project seeks to develop research on the impacts of digital technologies on public health in Myanmar in partnership with Koe Koe Tech, a Yangon-based social enterprise specialising in information technology and public health. The project has two main foci, the first on assessing the impact of installing digital record keeping in hospitals and the second on assessing...

    10 Dec 2014 | Russell Toth, Andrea Di Miceli